Working at NecstGen: Sydney Langerak

Read Sydney Langerak's story and how he played a pivotal role in shaping the company and its facilities.

NecstGen is proud to have a state-of-the-art facility resulting from dedication and effort of our colleagues. Sydney Langerak, the Maintenance Technician overseeing Facility and Maintenance, played a pivotal role in shaping the company and its facilities. Today, he diligently maintains the equipment and pristine cleanrooms and shares his experiences at NecstGen.

A Journey of Technical Excellence

Sydney Langerak has a background in mechanical installations and maintenance, specifically in HVAC systems. He has 14 years of experience at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), where he had many diverse responsibilities. Subsequently, Sydney was asked to join NecstGen to oversee the construction and set up maintenance.

“The opportunity at NecstGen came up, and it was an exciting challenge because I could be involved in the project from start to finish and also set up the maintenance. That’s unique because usually, you build something and then have to hand the project over to another department. Here, we do everything ourselves, which makes it special and one of the reasons I joined.” – Sydney Langerak, Maintenance Technician at NecstGen.

Inception to Completion: A Remarkable Journey

When NecstGen found a suitable place to build their cleanrooms, they had to strip down the third and fourth floors completely. Even some walls and floors were dismantled to allow for building and large equipment placement. Sydney was closely involved in the construction of the cleanrooms, working alongside Melissa van Pel, who handled the facility design. Both Sydney and Melissa were part of the team managing the consultants, engineers, and builders from outside organisations.

“I work with a fantastic team. In our Facility & Services department, I have two direct colleagues, and we are all responsible for the technical aspects. The Head of our department oversees all areas, including cleaning, inventory, and maintenance. Ronald van Tuijl and I focus on maintaining all in-house installations and ensuring they function properly. We were included in the construction process and witnessed it day by day.” –Sydney Langerak, Maintenance Technician at NecstGen.

A Day in the Life: Maintaining Excellence

A typical workday for Sydney begins at 7 a.m. and generally concludes around 4:30 p.m. Upon arriving at the workplace, he activates the building automation system to check for any overnight issues. If any concerns are identified, they are promptly addressed. A more normal day starts when the team turns on their computers and manages meetings and tasks. Each day presents unique challenges, and in the event of a malfunction, it can necessitate several hours to rectify. Furthermore, the team is constantly optimising maintenance procedures there is always room for improvement! The daily routine also involves monitoring the installations for any unusual occurrences and making necessary adjustments to ensure the facility’s smooth operation.

“Our Facility and Services department is open to helping everyone and willing to do whatever it takes. We are always there for each other, day, and night. Even after work hours, we are always available if needed. We back each other up, and it’s a mutually supportive environment. We are open, honest, and transparent, which, I believe, is the most effective way to work.” – Sydney Langerak, Maintenance Technician at NecstGen.

The Future at NecstGen: Opportunities Await

When considering career options at NecstGen, you can’t help but feel excitement as one envisions a future filled with growth and development. Opportunities for ongoing training and the potential to grow with the company promise a dynamic career path.

We have a dynamic culture and the door of our CEO and senior management is always open. There are many opportunities at NecstGen to contribute. That makes my work interesting and, at the same time, enables me to grow in my career.” – Sydney Langerak, Maintenance Technician at NecstGen.

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