Working at NecstGen: Marten Visser

We spoke with Marten Visser who tells us about working as a Cell Therapy Specialist and how his work helps clients in transitioning to GMP and production.

In this interview, we explore cell therapy with an expert from NecstGen, a reputable Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO). We will uncover the complex and innovative work that characterizes their company culture while gaining insights into what makes working at NecstGen an exceptional experience in cellular medicine. We spoke with Marten Visser, a Cell Therapy Specialist, about his work at NecstGen.

Cell Therapy Specialist

Marten Visser, Cell Therapy Specialist at NecstGen, joined the company two years ago and played a significant role ever since. Before that, Marten worked at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) at the Laboratory of Medical Oncology. He was devoted to T-cell therapy for melanoma and ovarian carcinoma. He specializes in cleanroom operation and research to enhance treatments and deepen the field’s understanding.

“I have experience in all parts of the process, from isolating T-cells from patient materials to handling GMP procedures. Because of my expertise, I can contribute to customer projects in many ways.”

When Marten was ready for a new challenge, NecstGen crossed his path. From the beginning, Marten witnessed and contributed to the company’s growth in multiple ways. His job at NecstGen proved the ideal opportunity to apply his knowledge in a broader context. So, in addition to his work as a scientist, he was closely involved in developing and improving processes.

“I thought about following a PhD program but was ready for something else. I wanted to use the knowledge I developed at the LUMC, and when I saw the position at NecstGen, there was a good match. I ended up in a startup: the cleanrooms only consisted of concrete. There were cables everywhere, it was bare, and there were workers everywhere. When I started, they had just begun contouring the cleanrooms on the third floor. Everything had to be built from scratch, and I actively contributed to that.”

A Dynamic Workday

A workday at NecstGen is dynamic and adaptable. Being a smaller company, the nature of responsibilities is diverse. For example, when the cleanrooms were still under construction, many workdays revolved around creating processes and corresponding documentation. Customer projects are more prominent now, resulting in many days of conducting experiments and working hands-on in the laboratory. Of course, there is also plenty of time dedicated to data analysis, tasks related to GMP adherence, and other responsibilities. On some days, meetings take precedence over other routine tasks. The diverse functions at NecstGen offer many opportunities for growth and learning.

“There’s much dedication at NecstGen: everyone believes in our mission to translate research programs into life-saving treatments. As a company, we are flexible and have the expertise and the commitment to assist customers in transitioning to GMP and production.”

All in all, working as a Cell Therapy Specialist at NecstGen comes with many opportunities. Each day differs, from working in the labs to ensuring GMP compliance. Close collaboration with colleagues and customers is crucial to their success. Working at NecstGen enables experts to develop as professionals in many ways, all while making a difference in the world by contributing to cell- and gene therapies.

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