Pan Cancer T and NecstGen Collaborate to Accelerate Novel TCR-T Therapies into Clinical Development

Pan Cancer T and NecstGen Collaborate to Accelerate Novel TCR-T Therapies into Clinical Development.

Pan Cancer T and NecstGen Collaborate to Accelerate Novel TCR-T Therapies into Clinical Development

Rotterdam and Leiden, the Netherlands, November 23, 2022 – Pan Cancer T B.V., a biotech spin-off from Erasmus MC dedicated to the discovery and development of novel second generation TCR-T therapies against solid tumors, and NecstGen B.V., The Netherlands Center for the Clinical Advancement of Stem Cells and Gene Therapy, today announced a partnership to advance Pan Cancer T’s innovative therapies into the clinic. Under the agreement, NecstGen will provide process and analytical development capabilities.

 “We are delighted about this important partnership with NecstGen, which enables us to set up top-tier GMP manufacturing processes for our novel TCR-T therapies,” said Katrien Reynders-Frederix, CEO of Pan Cancer T. “This is a key prerequisite for reaching our next major milestone, i.e., progressing our first therapeutic candidate into clinical development.”

Both Pan Cancer T and NecstGen recognize the need to implement from the start appropriate production processes required for cutting-edge GMP manufacturing to ensure safe and effective cell and gene therapies. NecstGen’s Cell Therapy Development team, led by Melissa van Pel is excited to be working with Pan Cancer T on this project.

Paul Bilars, CEO of NecstGen, said: “I very much see this project as a demonstration of NecstGen’s mission to enable therapy developers to reach their goals. By doing so, we at NecstGen play our part in the successful delivery of cell and gene therapies. For NecstGen to be chosen by Pan Cancer T as a partner on their journey is indeed an honor.”

The NecstGen team has built a state-of-the-art development and manufacturing facility and will collaboratively work with Pan Cancer T’s experts. Each party will bring its unique knowledge and ability to this strategically important partnership.

About Pan Cancer T

Pan Cancer T was founded in late 2020 and as a spin-off from Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) to advance novel, next generation TCR T-cell therapies for hard-to-treat solid tumors. The Company’s approach includes three differentiating elements. Firstly, our discovery platform uncovered 30 novel tumor targets that are selectively and robustly expressed across 10 major solid tumors. Secondly, we develop engineering technology that enhances the durability of the T cells, making them resistant to the local immune suppression of the tumor. The Company has ongoing R&D programs to develop safe and effective adoptive T cell therapies amenable to large cohorts of patients with triple negative breast cancer as well as cancers of the bladder, ovarium, colorectum, prostate, skin, esophagus, lung, or brain. For more information, please visit:

About NecstGen

NecstGen is a new centre of excellence for Cell and Gene Therapy development and manufacturing, located in a purpose-built GMP facility at the Leiden Bio Science Park. NecstGen has a focused expert team and bespoke facility to offer the support and capacity needed to deliver Cell and Gene Therapies to patients. Our +4,000 m2 facility encompasses development labs and GMP suites to accommodate the manufacturing of therapies in different operational modes. NecstGen’s dedicated Viral Vector suites offer segregated inoculum, upstream and downstream processing capabilities to maximize batch throughput. The multi-use Grade B and C cleanrooms are available for manufacturing therapies, including Cell Therapies, Ex vivo Gene Therapies, and Gene Therapies. NecstGen offers complete contract manufacturing for Cell Therapy and Viral Vector and cleanroom rental for any mammalian-based therapy type. 

EIC Awards €2.5 Million Grant

EIC Awards €2.5 Million Grant

Following a rigorous selection process by an expert panel, Trince, NecstGen, and IBSAL are proud to announce that their “Penphomet” project has been selected by The European Innovation Council (EIC) for a significant grant of €2.5 million.

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