CAR Therapy: Today & Tomorrow

Explore available CAR therapies, differentiation, development challenges, and lessons learned.

Key areas of focus include:

Would you like to familiarise yourself with CAR Therapies? Watch the replay to explore CAR-based Cell Therapy with our scientist, Somayeh Rezaeifard, elaborating on the various available CAR therapies, their differentiation, current challenges in therapy development, and lessons learned until today.

Whether you’re part of an academic research group, pioneering a new biotech, or working at a global CGT leader, this webinar brings together various aspects of CAR therapies to explore, discuss, and learn.

Key Learnings

  • Comprehensive overview of various CAR therapies
  • Breaking Down CAR Structure with comparison among CAR T, macrophages, and NK frameworks
  • Current CAR T status limitations in development and application
  • Critical factors that influence the quality of CAR therapy products
  • Lessons learned to guide new CAR-based therapy development

Join the conversation and equip yourself with the latest knowledge and insights in CAR-based immunotherapy.

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