ProteoNic and NecstGen establish partnership to improve viral vector manufacturing efficiency for Gene Therapies

Leiden, Netherlands, April 26, 2022 – ProteoNic, a leading provider of premium vector technology and services for efficient production of biologics, and NecstGen, a CDMO and centre of excellence for Cell and Gene Therapy, announce a partnership for the development of improved viral vector manufacturing for gene therapy applications. Both companies, located on the Leiden Bio Science Park, recognise the need to increase viral titres and optimise production processes. Cost-efficiency and manufacturing yield play a critical role in the feasibility of vector-based therapies. Through their combined efforts ProteoNic and NecstGen aim to improve and advance AAV and LV viral vector manufacturing technology and increase production capacity, to the ultimate benefit of patients in need of Gene Therapies.

ProteoNic will apply its established 2G UNic™ technology platform to improve viral vector performance. NecstGen, specialised in the manufacturing and development of various viral vector types, contributes its viral vector platforms, manufacturing processes and experts as part of this partnership. Ultimately the companies strive for the acceleration of novel Gene Therapies by removing existing road blocks related to production efficiency and capacity.

Frank Pieper, CEO of ProteoNic commented “ProteoNic has a strong track record of improving vector performance and production levels in a range of applications. We believe that together with NecstGen we can improve the production efficiency of viral vectors for Gene Therapy, and thereby alleviate current manufacturing constraints”.

Paul Bilars CEO, NecstGen said “This action shows the strength and importance of the local ecosystem, and how working together we can address the challenges of Gene Therapy development and their translation to solutions for patients and society”.

About ProteoNic

ProteoNic is a privately held company with offices in Leiden, the Netherlands and in the Boston area, USA. The company offers technology and services for the generation of cell lines with greatly improved production characteristics, including production levels and stability. The company commercializes its proprietary 2G UNic™ technology through licensing and partnership arrangements. For more information, see

About NecstGen

NecstGen is a new centre of excellence for Cell and Gene Therapy, located in a purpose-built GMP facility on the largest bio-cluster in the Netherlands, Leiden Bio Science Park. Here, NecstGen provides critical contract development, manufacturing and rental services to academic and small/large industrial therapy developers to deliver a new generation of therapies to patients. For more information visit


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