NecstGen launches its first development lab

We are happy to announce the launch of NecstGen’s first development laboratory at the Leiden Bio Science Park.

Here, our scientists and analytical experts have started the first process development projects, supporting our clients to bring cell- and viral vector-based therapies to patients. This is another step towards realising NecstGen’s mission to accelerate the development of breakthrough cell and gene therapies.


Meanwhile, NecstGen is well underway in the establishment of its GMP facility at Mirai House, which is expected to open its doors in 2022.

Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Development

NecstGen offers a wide range of services and expert professionals for Cell Therapy developers.

Viral Vector Manufacturing & Development

NecstGen provides a high-caliber process for Viral Vector manufacturing for your Gene Therapy.

Cleanroom Rental

NecstGen offers flexible GMP Cleanroom Rental at a state-of-the-art facility.


NecstGen is a mission-based CDMO and centre of excellence for Cell and Gene Therapy.


We stand together as a multidisciplinary team to accelerate the next generation of therapies.


Together with our partners, we offer infrastructure that can fundamentally impact the way we do medicine.


NecstGen is built upon a rich history of developments and innovations in regenerative medicine.


Our purpose-built facility encompasses state-of-the-art laboratories and GMP cleanroom suites.